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New building for the Cluster of Excellence

The Joint Science Conference announced its final decision on the financing of new research buildings on July 5th. The federal government will cover half of the costs for the new Microverse Center Jena amounting to more than 40 million euros. The other half will be borne by the Free State of Thuringia.

IQ Innovation Award for Antituberculosis Agent BTZ043

The innovation of the year 2019 in Central Germany is the new Antituberculosis Agent BTZ043. It isbe…

Artificial Microbial Arenas

From the smallest ecological niche to global scale, communities of microbial life present a major fa…

Ulrich Schubert named "Professor of the Year"

Member of the Cluster of Excellence Balance of the Microverse, Ulrich Schubert, was awarded with the…

About the sorting of colourful droplets

Microfluidic droplets offer various advantages: they facilitate the cultivation of microorganisms du…

At the wrong time in the wrong place

Members of the Cluster of Excellence Balance of the Microverse and Precision Medicine in Chronic Inf…

The courage to leave

Walking out of your PhD project? To most PhD students this thought seems like impossibility. Hendrik…

How a fungus can cripple the immune system

An international research team led by Prof. Oliver Werz of Friedrich Schiller University Jena, has n…

Medicative protein

Scientists from Jena and Munich discovered that Apolipoprotein E, which is produced naturally in the…

Upcoming Events

University Hospital Jena, Center for Sepsis Control and Care

Reflecting Sepsis and Infection in Arts

The exhibition "Reflecting Sepsis and Infection in Art” combines attempts to give visual answers to sepsis-related questions. The artists and protagonists take very different perspectives and use different means of art.

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Lecure Hall Am Planetarium 1, Jena

Scientific Colloquium of the Matthias Schleiden Institute

Presentation by Prof. Dr. Annegret Wilde, University Freiburg:
How cyanobacteria see the world

Microverse Kick-off Meeting

We cordially invite the Microverse faculty, together with the new postdoctoral and doctoral researchers of the Cluster, to a full-day project meeting on November 5th.  We will discuss current affairs in the Cluster and give an overview of the planned projects. The afternoon is reserved for discussions among individual project groups to organize forthcoming collaborations.

Aula of the University main building, Fürstengraben 1, Jena

Mental Health in Academia

In recent years, it has been increasingly recognized that the academic working environment, and the doctoral phase in particular, is associated with a unique set of circumstances that may lead to work-related stressors and mental health burdens. The Jena School for Microbial Communication and the Graduate Academy invite you join presentations and discussions on mental health in academia. Prof. Barbara Dooley (University College Dublin) will give a lecture on the mental health of doctoral researchers. This will be accompanied by personal testimonials from senior scientists who faced up to their own mental health and will be followed by a panel discussion. In the evening, faculty members will share formative failures that impacted on their careers and how they overcame them. "Failure sucks, but it instructs" will take place in Café Bar "Zu Hause" (Weigelstrasse 7) from 21:00 in a relaxed, social atmosphere.

Rosensäle, Friedrich Schiller University, Fürstengraben 27, Jena

Annual Meeting of the CRC/Transregio 124 FungiNet

There will be two parts of the meeting: An internal FungiNet meeting, and after that talks by external Guest speakers as well as summaries of the FungiNet project areas. We are very much pleased to announce the following speakers:


  • Lars Kaderali, Greifswald
  • Sven Krappmann, Erlangen
  • Johannes Wagener, Würzburg
  • Alexander Scheffold, Kiel
  • Fabio Gsaller, Innsbruck
  • Kai Papenfort, Jena
  • Christina Zielinski, München


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