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Virtual microbial talk

An international conference with some 230 participants from all over the world was held at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena. In normal times this would not be big news, as the University of Jena is a regular meeting place for international guests but a three-day conference during the ongoing corona pandemic is indeed a challenge. The Cluster of Excellence "Balance of the Microverse" and the two Collaborative Research Centers "ChemBioSys" and "AquaDiva" have taken up this challenge and organized the "Microverse I — Joint International Symposium on Microbial and Biomolecular Interactions" as an online conference at the University of Jena together with the consortium "InfectControl". H…

Antibiotics affect balance of intestinal microbiome

Treatment with antibiotics has a lasting effect on the microbiome in the digestive system. While the…

Tiny bodyguards

The bacterium Pseudomonas tolaasii triggers brown spot disease in cultivated mushrooms and thus caus…

Fungus sabotages phagocytes

When pathogens enter our body, they trigger a series of reactions: The immune system becomes active …

Fungal protector against bacterial attackers

Bacteria of the genus Streptomyces produce numerous substances that ensure their survival. Azalomyci…

Scientists discover new concept of bacterial gene regulation

Bacteria are always with us: These tiny organisms are found within and on our body as is the case w…

Program for Microverse I Symposium now online

Check this news for regular updates on our Microverse I Symposium taking place as an online conferen…

Axel Brakhage elected as Vice President of the DFG

The German Research Foundation (DFG) has two new vice presidents: during the annual general meeting,…

Felix H. Schacher

Jena start-up awarded for innovative material

The Polytives GmbH from Jena was honored as part of the IQ Innovation Award for Central Germany. It …

Upcoming Events

Virtual meeting

5th International Symposium: Image-based Systems Biology (Digital IbSB 2020)

Image-based Systems Biology is a modern approach that aims to extract spatio-temporal information contained in images in a form that it can be used to model morphological, functional and dynamical aspects of biological processes. Researchers from all fields are invited to communicate their results focused on Image-based Systems Biology in order to exchange novel scientific methods and to share recent achievements from image-driven research in biology. Joint studies of experiment and theory will be highly welcomed.


Registration and abstract submission are closed


Conference website


Mental Health Day 2020 Webinar Series

In the run-up to International Mental Health Day on October 10th, the JSMC is offering a series of short daily webinars covering several aspects of mental health in the week of the 5th to the 10th of October. Find more information here.

Volksbad Jena

Zeiss Microscopy Symposium of the Microverse Cluster

From basic microscopy to multi-scale and multi-modal workflows: Convince yourself in lectures and discussions on how your work can benefit from the latest advances in microscopy.


Program and registration links are available on the intranet.


Register for the Symposium until November 1st, 2020.